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Despite conducting careful content checks, we do not accept any liability for the contents of
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In this instance we shall rectify the situation immediately.This serves both parties. You may be aware that the infringement of
trademark rights through keyword advertising is sometimes affirmed and sometimes negated by the
courts. Test cases, in which this question is set to be clarified by the Federal Court of Justice,
are presently underway. It is therefore commercially without grounds to initiate
further such legal proceedings

In such instances or under comparable circumstances, we shall immediately rectify the legal infringement.
There is no requirement for a legal notice to be served, and as such we shall not be obligated to reimburse any
costs incurred through the serving of legal notices.

Data protection declaration

We collect, process and use your data within the framework of the legal
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We do not pass any personal information on to third parties without your express permission,
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If you should request it then we shall provide you with details of all of the data
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amend, delete or view such data, simply write to the contact address provided in
the legal notice. We will only send you emails, within the framework of informing our
customers of new products etc.,
if you provide us with your email address.