Monthly Archives - October 2016

High pressure steam boiler

The BEWEKA Kraftfutterwerk GmbH ordered a high pressure steam boiler with an output of 1, 5 tons steam per hour, 13 bar and an Economiser for heat recovery from the stream of burnt gas. BEWEKA use the boiler system for their animal food production.

BEWEKA Kraftfutterwerk GmbH

Electric steam boiler

BBS GmbH delivered an electric steam boiler with an output of 900 kg steam per hour, a feed water tank and a degasser to the “Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant” company in Chelyabinsk via a worldwide known manufacturer of belt conveyor systems and steel-mills.

Tscheljabinsk, Russia

High pressure steam boiler

In order to reduce the costs of goods and to benefit from the local fuels the manufacturer of spirits “Kyrgyz Konyagy” in Kyrgyzstan acquired two high pressure steam boiler with an output of 8 t/h. The main boiler works with coal as fuel and the reserve boiler with gas. The reserve boiler is also equipped with an Economiser for heat recovery from the stream of burnt gas. For deashing flue gases from coal combustion, multi-cyclones are used, which are also produced at the BBS GmbH plant.

Bischkek, Kirgistan

Waste heat recovery steam boiler

The production of the food company Santa Bremor is working among others with a waste heat recovery steam boiler from BBS GmbH with an output of 2, 5 t/h. The custom-built and combined waste heat boiler is equipped with a special furnace. The waste heat of the Jenbacher gas engine is additionally used for the steam production and offers a high level of effectivity.

Brest, Republic of Belarus

Pure steam generator

For the soft drinks, snacks, and soon also coffee processing company Universal Robina Corporation Philippine, we have produced a pure steam generator, completely electrically welded with 120 mm insulation and a steam output of 400 kg / h.


Hot water boiler

We delivered a hot water boiler to the automotive manufacturer Audi in Györ (Hungary) and VW in Bratislava (Slovakia) via a German industrial supplier. Audi and VW decided intentionally on the boiler systems from BBS GmbH due to the fact that the systems come up to the demands of security, availability and economic efficiency. The boiler systems are used for specific processes of paintwork.

Audi and VW, Hungary and Slovakia

Thermal Fluid Heater

Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden charges BBS GmbH with supply of two (2) Thermal Fluid Heater HG 700.

Hot Water Boiler

For the expansion of the heating system in the airport Borispol the management has decided to order of a 10 MW hot water boiler from BBS GmbH Freiberg a. N.

Direct fired clean steam system

A direct fired clean steam system from stainless steel was delivered for a foodstuff disinfection plant from our long-term strategic partner, SteamLab GmbH of Hamburg. This system was put to use by Bejo Zaden B.V., Holland, one of the world's leaders in the field of seed development and production.