Biomass furnaces

Biomass furnaces
Furnace output
from 0.5 – 50 MW

BBS offers you a solution for the thermal utilisation of biomass. A range of combustion processes are available, with which to provide a solution to the customer-specific requirement, e.g.:

  • Underfeed burner
  • Muffle suspension burner
  • Grate firing
  • Fluidised-bed combustion

The use of the following fuels is possible:

  • Coal
  • Brown coal
  • Wood chips
  • Shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Bark
  • Chopped wood
  • Paper scraps
  • Cocoa bean husks
  • Coffee bean husks
  • Olive stones
  • Rice husks
  • Cotton seed husks
  • Bagasse

These can be optimally burned in our biomass furnaces.

Solutions for unusual situations are offered, with effective accessories for control elements and auxiliary units.

Our projects:

Термомасляный котел
Thermal oil boiler type HG 4000

Thermal oil boiler type HG 4000. By order of the Sea Trade Port in the city of Kaliningrad, BBS GmbH...

thermaloil generator
thermo-oil boilers in offshore design HG 12.000

BBS GmbH has delivered to the third largest oil company of the People's Republic of China "China National Offshore Oil...

корабельный паровой котел типа HDK-M 1.000 со встроенным пароперегревателем
Marine steam boiler type HDK 1.000

For the BLS shipping company from Switzerland, we delivered a high pressure marine steam boiler type HDK-M 1,000 with built-in...

Steam boiler HDK Kasan
Steam boilers type HDK 10.000

For a company  in Russia Kasan city, we have delivered two steam boilers type HDK 10.000 . Steam boilers type HDK 10.000...

Thermal oil - waste heat boiler VMG Belarus
Thermai Oil Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

For the company FLGV “VMG Industry” in Belarus, we have delivered two Thermai Oil Waste Heat Recovery Boilers type AHK–HG....

High pressure steam boiler

The BEWEKA Kraftfutterwerk GmbH ordered a high pressure steam boiler with an output of 1, 5 tons steam per hour,...

Electric steam boiler

BBS GmbH delivered an electric steam boiler with an output of 900 kg steam per hour, a feed water tank...

Термомасляный котел
Thermal oil generator

We provided the worldwide known parquet manufacturer Tarkett in the region of Samara (Russia) with a thermal oil generator with...

High pressure steam boiler

In order to reduce the costs of goods and to benefit from the local fuels the manufacturer of spirits “Kyrgyz...

Waste heat recovery steam boiler

The production of the food company Santa Bremor is working among others with a waste heat recovery steam boiler from BBS...

Pure steam generator

For the soft drinks, snacks, and soon also coffee processing company Universal Robina Corporation Philippine, we have produced a pure...

Heizwasserkessel vom Hersteller für industrielle Dampfkessel
Hot water boiler

We delivered a hot water boiler to the automotive manufacturer Audi in Györ (Hungary) and VW in Bratislava (Slovakia) via...

Thermal Fluid Heater

Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden charges BBS GmbH with supply of two (2) Thermal Fluid Heater HG 700. The...

Hot Water Boiler

For the expansion of the heating system in the airport Borispol the management has decided to order of a 10...

Direct fired clean steam system

A direct fired clean steam system from stainless steel was delivered for a foodstuff disinfection plant from our long-term strategic...

Fluidised bed furnace and pyrolysis reactor

Fluidised bed furnace and pyrolysis reactor are main components of the biomass combined heating and power plant constructed on the...

Marine steam boiler

Working in cooperation with Gietech GmbH of Weyhe we equipped a fishing vessel from the Russian fleet with a marine steam...

Special steam boiler

The management of Kliniken Ludwigsburg-Bietigheim GmbH, together with the operator EKL (subsidiary company of Freiburger GWE Gesellschaft für wirtschaftliche Energieversorgung...